Lady looking at an expensive ring.

7 News Gold Coast recently visited Pledg (formerly Pawnbank) to report on the business’ alternative finance option that allows clients access to a short-term loan using their luxury items as collateral. The news piece talked about how Pledg has changed the game when it comes to traditional money lending and brought the industry online with […]

Luxury Bags: Christian Dior Medium Lady D-Lite Bag

Did you know that many women are using luxury bags and accessories as collateral to free up some fast cash? It’s an ideal solution for anyone seeking a short-term loan who has luxury assets to loan against – and it doesn’t even require complicated financial contracts or proof of income!   How Do Luxury Asset […]

Article in the Gold Coast Bulletin entitled ' Online pawn goes upscale'.

Pledg (formerly Pawnbank) was featured in the city’s most prominent publication, the Gold Coast Bulletin on the 1st of June 2020. Appearing in the business section, the article explored how owner and CEO Leanne Coneybear has created a whole new space of online asset-based lending and dragged the idea of the dingy money lending into […]

Article in the courier mail about Pledg entitled: 'Need a bit of fast cash? Do some hardcore pawn'.

This article, published in the Courier Mail on Sunday the 14 th of June 2020, focused on Pledg’s (formerly Pawnbank) success as an alternative finance leader who specialise in lending money on high-end goods such as luxury cars, designer handbags and jewellery. Many clients have been able to cover wages, capital equipment purchases or pay […]

Bars of gold bullion

When Gold hit $1,432.57 USD on March 1, 2011, the classic metal proved how resilient it has become despite the fluctuations of the modern markets, peaking at 1,913 USD on August 23 that same year. Now hovering comfortably above $1,200 an ounce, Gold if anything is becoming more reliable, resisting bear market style forces despite […]

Coins in a container with label: 'In case of emergency break glass'.

Everyone gets into a financial jam every once in a while and needs some Quick Cash fast!  If you are one of these people, you are not alone.  There are all sorts of reasons why we need a little help.  You could have incurred some unforeseen medical expenses, some property damage might have occurred from […]

Stack of $100 notes from a fast cash loan

Need Fast Cash? Use your Jewellery or Luxury Watch as Collateral! Sometimes when we get in over our heads financially and need fast cash, the answer to our problems can be as clear as the nose on our face…or maybe the watch on our wrist! If you need a loan fast, why not use that […]

Personal Asset Lenders Alternative to Banks

If you are in need of some quick cash for a business venture, a much needed family vacation, or simply to pay off some unexpected personal financial expenses, you might want to consider a  Personal Asset Lender as a quick and easy alterative to securing a bank loan.  Bank loans often take too much of […]

Asset-Based Lending Provides a Simple Solution in Harsh Financial Times

Forms of asset-based lending has always played a vital part in in times of economic crisis as well as times of economic stability. Since the global financial crisis hit many have been seeking assistance from private lenders as banks and credit agencies move to limit their risk exposure. There was a time when asset-based lenders […]