Pledg provides free overnight shipping with full insurance cover giving you complete peace of mind.

We will not chase you for the debt as your security will be sold to recover the outstanding loan amount.



No penalty fees apply for early payouts.

No credit checks, we’ve got your luxury item as security against your loan.

Yes, your luxury item provides the security against your loan.

All watches, gold, and jewellery are stored in commercial fire proof safes in our high security facility under 24-hour video surveillance and monitoring. We store fine art and antiques in equally secure onsite storage facilities. Vehicles, boats, jet skis and fine wine are stored in purpose-built, high security partner facilities.

We make you an offer on jewellery and precious metals based on weight, purity and quality. If your valuable item is missing a diamond, gemstone or is simply damaged, we can still make you on offer.

We offer loans from $1000 to $100,000, if you require a loan higher than $100,000 please contact us  directly to discuss further.

We want you to get your valuable items back, however, if no payment is received at the end of the loan term your item will be sold to recover the debt.

For your convenience we provide bank transfer, bank deposit and debit/credit card payments.

Pledg provides free shipping with full insurance cover giving you complete peace of mind.

Our loan offer is based on comparable market pricing, which is determined by using real-time data and knowledge from our certified team of valuers.

When you loan against an item, we will transfer the funds into your nominated bank account instantly.

We loan money against items such as: gold, jewellery, luxury watches, prestige cars, designer handbags, fine art, boats and more. If you have something you are not sure if we take, call or email us to find out!