Article in the courier mail about Pledg entitled: 'Need a bit of fast cash? Do some hardcore pawn'.
22 Jun

Need a bit of fast cash?

This article, published in the Courier Mail on Sunday the 14 th of June 2020, focused on Pledg’s (formerly Pawnbank) success as an alternative finance leader who specialise in lending money on high-end goods such as luxury cars, designer handbags and jewellery.

Many clients have been able to cover wages, capital equipment purchases or pay for unexpected bills with the company’s unique service offering. The article included a top collateral list that featured Pledg’s top fives of items to loan against.

Owner and CEO Leanne Coneybear detailed how the company have helped many business owners and individuals out of a financial jam during the pandemic, providing short-term loans between $1,000 and $100,000.

The categories comprised of the top five most expensive items requested to loan against, watch brands, jewellery brands, handbag brands and jewellery items. The article reached a state-wide audience in print and online.