At Pledg, we welcome anyone who needs some cash fast and has valuable assets to secure their loan

  • Become a ‘Referral Partner’ by joining our Referral Program

    Wealth Managers, Accountants and Lawyers are one of many financial advisors that can earn commi$$ion by referring your clients to us for an Asset Loan or Sale Advance Loan.

  • Money Paid Within 24 hours

    At Pledg, we will ensure you receive the agreed loan amount with 24 hours of receiving the valuables you have secured the loan against.

  • Alternative Short Term Funding

    No credit checks so your client can secure a loan against their valuable asset to pay off bills.

  • Individuals
    • Need some cash fast to pay of an unexpected bill
    • Quick cash for an emergency
    • Need a holiday as soon as possible
    • Cash received usually within 24 hours
  • Businesses
    • Cash-flow shortages and need to inject some cash into your business? We can definitely help
    • Investment Opportunity?
    • No credit checks necessary
    • Cash received within 24 hours