04 Mar

Upscale Collateral Lenders Loan on Art

Loan on Art

Business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to asset lenders instead of banks for their short-term cash needs.  One customer used a Picasso to help pay the bills. 

“I’ve been collecting art for a long time,” he said.  “I settled on a Picasso, and pulled it off the wall.  Many think of asset lending dusty shops filled with dubious goods but lenders are capable of funding a $40,000 art loan are of a different sort.

Artists such as Chagall, Warhol and Picasso are common collateral for high-end asset lenders. Rather than small loans of $50-$100, upscale collateral lenders average loans of $10,000 and as high as six figures.

For those not looking for loans, shopping at a high-end asset lender’s gets you all the luxury goods of an auction house without the drama of the auction.

Joan Miro- Nocturne
Joan Miro- Nocturne